January 2021 Meeting Agenda

Thursday, January 14⋅6:45 – 7:45pm

President’s Report – Eric Gould

  1. Welcome New Members.
  2. Club Member Accomplishments

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Morgheim

  1. State of club finances
  2. Dues

Competition Director’s Report – Matt Lawlor

Bière de Rock

  • 100 entries.  Judging will be completed by Jan. 17
  • BOS and Pro-Am judging on Jan. 23rd. Bruz Beers, The Peak Brewery and…
  • Awards ceremony via Zoom Jan. 30th 7:00pm.  Meeting ID and password will be emailed soon.

Reggale and Dredhop

  • Entry deadline Feb. 6
  • Dropoff deadline Feb. 6.
  • Judging Feb. 20.
  • Bottles required: 3
  • Entry fee: $8 per entry

Sweetheart’s Revenge

  • Entry deadline Feb. 5th
  • Drop-off deadline Feb. 5th
  • Judging Feb. 27th
  • Bottles required: 3
  • Entry fee: $8 per entry
  • Pro-Ams: Grimm Brothers, Crow Hop, Timnath Beerworks, Brix Brew and Tap

 New!  Red, White, and Blue Spruce American Homebrew Competition

  • Entry registration is open
  • Registration deadline May 1, 2021
  • Entry dropoff deadline May 3, 2021
  • Bottles required: 3
  • Entry fee: $10 per entry  Limit 6 entries per person
  • Awards ceremony: May 9th

Visit our website for a complete list of updated local and regional competitions.

March Rock Hoppers Intra-Club Competition:

Get off your Blarney Stone and fire up the brew kettles!  We’re looking for the club’s finest Irish inspired beer!  Entries will be due by 8:00pm on Friday, March 5th.  Winner will be announced during our March 11th club meeting.

Brew Hut Gift cards to the winners!1st place: $25, 2nd Place $15, and 3rd place $10.

Event Director’s Report – Ed Moore & Peter Baggus

Hopper Happy Hour

We’d like to dedicate some time during the Hoppy Hour to evaluate some IPAs. If you have a favorite IPA that you plan to enjoy during the meeting, Email Peter Peter (peter.baggus@gmail.com)  or Ed (edmoorejr36@outlook.com ) with your selection. A few days prior, we’ll send a list of all the IPAs that we expect to make an appearance. Other members can participate by selecting an IPA from the list (if they can find it) and sharing their feedback live on the Hoppy Hour.

Thursday, January 28⋅6:45 – 7:45pm


Education – Eric Gould (in for Geoff Schideler):

Condensation Mitigation

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