2018-2019 Club Officers

President: Eric Gould

What do I get out of being President? I get the opportunity to develop leadership, networking, and speaking skills while having a say in what we do as a club. I enjoy working closely at the next level with other homebrewers who want to shape who we are.

— Eric Gould

Event Director: Chelesa Lamont

In my year as Event Director I had the opportunity to better integrate myself into the club and get to know members. This lent itself to connections and brewing partnerships I may not have otherwise sought. I had the opportunity to create outside connections in the greater brewing community for various events which furthered my own ideas and inspiration for what I am able to create.

— Chelsea Lamont

Communications and Social Media Director: Eric Frazier


What do I get out serving the club? It’s an excellent opportunity to use some of my skill set to fulfill club needs, as well as communicate and mingle with other like minded individuals while learning of additional brew styles that were outside of my wheelhouse. It pushed me to get involved with judging and stewarding competitions. I got to know the member base more than just on a casual basis, interacting with a network of brewers that is different than a “run of the mill” beer appreciator might experience.

– Eric Frazier

Education Director: Mike Bostwick


I have gotten from my experience as Education Director the opportunity to explore and think deeper about various brewing topics. One of the best ways to learn, is to teach. By trying to prepare interesting, concise and informative presentations, I have developed a much greater understanding of the application of brewing science. Working as education director was instrumental in helping me achieve the status of BJCP judge as well as helping me to develop and exercise my presentation skills. During my tenure, I was able to have more meaningful discussions with club members as they sought to explore brewing questions and developed a greater confidence in my brewing knowledge, which translated to brewing better beer. Finally, I was able to leverage the role to reach out to industry professionals, both expanding my professional brewing network and opening up channels for learning from pros.

– Mike Bostwick

Treasurer: Dan Croll

Scrooge McDuck

Being an officer helped me become a better brewer – the monthly officer meeting allowed me to learn more as I got feedback from a smaller group. Plus, as a newer member, I was able to learn more about the club and its membership.

– Dan Croll

Competition Director and Webmaster: Geoff Humphrey


Coming back to the role of Competition Director after a five year hiatus has me once again flexing my creative muscles in an effort to encourage members to have confidence in their products to compete at the club, local and national levels. It’s the Competition Director’s job to encourage members to seek the next level of evaluation of their creations by entering them into BJCP-sanctioned competitions. Entering competitions isn’t all about the medals – although shiny things are always nice – it’s about getting non-biased, critical feedback to help improve our brewing skills. The position also has afforded me the opportunity to hone my organizational skills with the planning and execution of the intra-club competitions and Biere de Rock. You gotta be pro-active, forward-thinking, and managerial to make sure all the people and pieces fall where they’re supposed to.

– Geoff Humphrey