Fantasy Brewing Draft

A Homebrewing Fantasy Ingredient Draft Competition

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The Rundown

To celebrate the start of another NFL season and the oncoming falling leaves, crisp temperatures, and Sundays spent watching games, we’re proud to announce the annual RHBC Fantasy Brewing Draft.

In the spirit of fantasy sports, participants will be drafting a team of ingredients to use to make a single batch of beer.  Then, after a period of time, participant brewers will showcase their creations while competing in a BOS-style competition to determine the overall champion as well as a People’s Choice competition at an RHBC general meeting.

A $20 buy-in and end-of-season winner payout encourages some level of commitment and seriousness. By-in is CASH ONLY on draft day.

Only those who have bought into the draft are guaranteed a spot in the draft.

Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own ingredients.

Who: RHBC Members (must be current on dues).

When: August 27, 2023. 1:00-4:00 PM.

Where: The Brew Hut Classroom.

Here are some pics from the inaugural draft at the Brew Hut (select to enlarge).


The Competition Director will act as Commissioner. On draft day, participants choose a number from a hat as their draft slot. The draft follows the “snake” method, a common fantasy sports draft method where participants draft in ascending order in odd rounds and descending order in even rounds.

Each participant drafts a “team” of seven ingredients. It’s up to each team manager which ingredient to draft each round, but all must choose:

  • 1 malt variety.
  • 1 hop variety.
  • 1 yeast variety.
  • 1 adjunct/spice/sugar/fruit.
  • 3 “flex” ingredients of any category.

As such, there are seven initial rounds. Each participant will have 2 minutes to draft their ingredient in each round.

An eighth round – called the “Oh Sh*t” round – is optional for any participant to swap out a single ingredient they drafted for one that is available in the draft pool – penalty free.

Following the draft proper, there will be time allotted for participants to facilitate trades while the Commissioner is available for immediate sign-off. After the draft adjourns, the 2-week trade period begins. See Trades below for details.

The number of ingredients on each draft list depends upon the number of participants to promote scarcity. Water, finings, rice hulls, and salts are free and do not count as drafted ingredients.

The full list of ingredients is emailed to all participants prior to the draft to provide an opportunity to strategize.

All participants must be present to draft. Since we do not have a fancy-schmacy way of drafting online, and proxy drafting isn’t fair to the proxy nor the absent participant, if you want to draft, you gotta do it yourself – in person.


Trading is definitely encouraged; however, all trades must be approved by the Commissioner. Proposed trades involving the Commissioner will be communicated to all other participants, providing an opportunity for objections (with stated grounds, of course).

There is no waiver wire (no drop/add) – only drafted ingredients are available for trades.

All trades are 1 for 1. Participants cannot trade two ingredients for a single ingredient, for example.

Each participant is limited to five trades. Considering that there are seven ingredients, five trades is more than generous.

Trades will only be allowed for 14 days after the draft date.

Brewing, Fermenting, Packaging

Following the draft and trade window, each participant brews their beer. Each participant must use ALL SEVEN of their team ingredients. Recipes should be formulated to feature all ingredients as prominently as possible given the ingredient’s characteristics. Judges will either be looking for the direct characteristics of the ingredient, or its known effects.

Participants then ferment and package their brews as they see fit. Two bottles (or equivalent) should be reserved for judging and another three (or equivalent) should be reserved for the People’s Choice contest.

Participants are also encouraged to reserve one bottle for each participant in the draft to exchange at the November meeting.

Judging, Sharing, Winning

The resulting brews will be judged by BJCP and/or experienced judges, BOS-style, to determine the 1st place and 2nd place winners. Some things to note about judging:

  • Judges know the seven ingredients drafted for each beer.
  • Participants DO NOT need to declare a base style, but some direction always helps. Generic statements like “brown ale” or “amber lager” are sufficient.
  • It is also recommended that participants provide notes about the beer that they feel the judges should know – e.g., special processes, fermentation regimen, etc.
  • Two bottles and a description of the finished beer will be required for judging. Wax poetic.
  • The Competition Director (aka Commissioner) will coordinate a drop-off date and location.

Here are some pictures of the inaugural year’s judging (select to enlarge):

Brewers also share their beers at the November RHBC monthly meeting to determine a People’s Choice winner.

  • 1st place, 2nd place, and people’s choice winners will be announced at the end of the meeting.
  • The 1st place winner will receive 70% of the buy-in kitty; the 2nd place winner will receive 30%.
  • The People’s Choice winner will receive cool prize.



  • 1st Place: Mike Bostwick with his German-style lager.
  • 2nd Place: Chris Egolf with his Saison with peaches.
  • People’s Choice: Mike Bostwick with his German-style lager.


  • 1st Place: Geoff Humphrey with his Hybrid Pale Ale.
  • 2nd Place: Jim Allen with his Smoked Munich Dunkel.
  • People’s Choice: Pat Ludwig with her IPA.


  • 1st Place: Jim Morgheim with his Juniper Ale.
  • 2nd Place:  Brad Gay with his Breakfast Stout.
  • 3rd place:  Ed Moore with his Scottish Export.
    • No People’s Choice in 2020 due to the pandemic.


  • 1st Place: Chris Egolf
  • 2nd Place: Jeremy Bean
  • People’s Choice: Eric Gould


  • 1st Place: Tom Lopez with his Dubbel.
  • 2nd Place: Jeremy Bean with his Coconut Porter.
  • People’s Choice: Tom Lopez with his Dubbel.