Archive – 2019-2020 Intra-Club Competitions

2019-2020 Season

June 2019 – Wheat-Based Beers

Easy-drinking ales with wheat being at least 40% of the grist.

  • American Wheat Beer (BJCP 1D)
  • Weissbier (BJCP 10A)
  • Dunkles Weissbier (BJCP 10B)
  • Weizenbock (BJCP 10C)
  • Witbier (BJCP 24A)
  • Saison (BJCP 25B)
  • Fruit/spice/adjunct variants of any above style

Winner: Matt Lawlor with his Hefeweizen.

September 2019 – Iron Buddy Brew – Sky High

Sign up here to participate in the 2019 Iron Buddy Brew before April 10, 2019!

Our annual Iron Buddy Brew competition. As in years past, brewers newer to the club will be paired with veterans. Much like Iron Chef, each Iron Buddy Brew team will design and brew a beer in one of the styles listed below using a common secret ingredient and two or more double-secret ingredients. These ingredients were chosen at random from limited lists at the April 2019 general meeting. 

The 2019 Secret Ingredient is:

  • Wyermann Pilsner Malt

The 2019 Double-Secret Ingredients are:

  • Vanilla beans
  • Tangerine peel
  • Lime peel
  • Juniper berries
  • Sweet orange peel
  • Blackberries
  • Brown sugar
  • Licorice root

Like all other iterations of Buddy Brew, teams will be designing and brewing a beer together. Much like Iron Chef, each team’s beer must be brewed with the secret ingredient and at least two of the double-secret ingredients.

Base style options (will need to be declared when competing in the intra-club competition in September):

  • Helles Bock  (BJCP 4C)
  • Doppelbock (BJCP 9A)
  • Eisbock (BJCP 9B)
  • Baltic Porter (BJCP 9C)
  • British Strong Ale (BJCP 17A)
  • Old Ale (BJCP 17B)
  • Wee Heavy (BJCP 17C)
  • English Barleywine (BJCP 17D)
  • Double Red Ale (BA Category 1)
  • Imperial Stout (BJCP 17A)
  • Imperial Porter (BA Category 3)
  • Imperial Red Ale (BA Category 3)
  • Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ale (BA Category 3)
  • Double IPA (BJCP 22A)
  • American Strong Ale (BJCP 22B)
  • American Barleywine (BJCP 22C)
  • Wheatwine (BJCP 22D)
  • Saison (BJCP 25B – Super Strength only)
  • Belgian Golden Strong (BJCP 25C)
  • Belgian Tripel (BJCP 26C)
  • Belgian Dark Strong (BJCP 26D)
  • “Imperialized” Classic Style (e.g., Imperial Pilsner, Imperial Brown Ale, etc.)
  • Fruit/spice/adjunct variants of any above style according to the Iron Buddy Brew guidelines

Winning Team: Chelsea Lamont, Matt Lawlor, Pat and Scott Ludwig

November 2019 – Fantasy Brewing Draft Beers

Those participating in the RHBC Fantasy Brewing Draft will compete with their Fantasy “team” creations. The winner, judged by a panel of experienced and BJCP judges, will receive 70% of the Fantasy Brewing buy-in kitty, the runner up will receive 30%. Popular vote winner at the meeting will receive a special prize.

** Updated for 2019 – click the link above for details.

Participants must brew a beer with only the seven ingredients they drafted:

  • 1 malt variety
  • 1 hop variety
  • 1 yeast variety
  • 1 adjunct/spice/sugar/fruit
  • 3 “flex” ingredients of any category (malt, hop, yeast, adjunct/spice/sugar/fruit)

Judging Winner: Geoff Humphrey with his Hybrid Pale Ale
Popular Winner: Pat Ludwig with her IPA

December 2019 – Belgian- and French-Style Ales

Biere de Rock Logo

In preparation for Biere de Rock and the Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines homebrew competition.

All entries should be true to the declared style. Fruit/spice/veg/wood variants acceptable.

  • Flanders Red (BJCP 23B)
  • Oud Bruin (BJCP 23C)
  • Lambic (BJCP 23D)
  • Gueuze (BJCP 23E)
  • Fruit Lambic (BJCP 23F)
  • Witbier (BJCP 24A)
  • Belgian Pale Ale (BJCP 24B)
  • Biere de Garde (BJCP 24C)
  • Belgian Blonde Ale (BJCP 25A)
  • Saison (BJCP 25B)
  • Golden Strong (BJCP 25C)
  • Trappist Single (BJCP 26A)
  • Belgian Dubbel (BJCP 26B)
  • Belgian Tripel (BJCP 26C)
  • Belgian Dark Strong (BJCP 26D)

Winner: Scott Ludwig with his Oud Bruin

March 2020 – Non-Beer Fermented Beverages and Foods

RHBC members also make and brew up fermentations that aren’t beer. Here’s the time to share those as well.

  • Any wine varietal/style
  • Any cider style
  • Any mead style
  • Saki
  • Kombucha
  • Various foods – kimchi, sauerkraut, etc.

Winner: Teena Morgheim with her sauerkraut.