December 2020 Meeting Agenda

President’s Report – Eric Gould

  1. Welcome New Members

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Morgheim

  1. State of club finances
  2. Dues

Competition Director’s Report – Matt Lawlor

Biere de Rock registration is open!

Entry registrations accepted 12/01/2020 12:00 AM, MST through 12/27/2020 12:00 PM, MST.

Please visit the competition website for important dates and updated information: Bière de Rock.

Past Competitions

Poetry Slam Results

  • Jim Allen
    • 1st Place –   8A Munich Dunkel
  • Geoff Humphrey
    • 1st Place 9C  Baltic Porter
    • 2nd Place 5D  German Pils
    • 3rd Place 24C Biere de Garde
    • 3rd Place 26C  Belgian Tripel
  • Ed Moore
    • 2nd Place 8A    Munich Dunkel
    • 2nd Place 29B  Fruit/ Spice (with George Delana)
    • 2nd Place 32B  Speciality Smoked
    • 3rd Place M1C Sweet Mead
  • Jim Morgheim
    • 1st Place 6A  Marzen
    • 3rd Place 10A Weissbier  (with JET Brewing)
  • Dax Rush
    • 1st 23D Lambic
    • 2nd 26A Trappist Single
    • 3rd 13A Dark Mild
  • Geoff Shideler
    • 3rd C2B  Cider with fruit
  • John Webber
    • 1st 26A  Trappist Single

Rock Hoppers finished in 2nd place in the Heavy Medal Club competition with 32 points.

Upcoming Competitions

Sweetheart’s Revenge 2021

  • Date of Competition: 2021-Feb-27
  • Dates for Entry Registration: 2020-Dec-19 – 2021-Feb-05
  • Dates for Judge and Volunteer Registration: 2020-Dec-19 – 2021-Feb-05
  • Dates for Entry Delivery: 2020-Dec-19 – 2021-Feb-05
  • Entry limit for competition: 350
  • Bottles needed for each entry: 3
  • Please note: Weed/THC/CBD entries will not be accepted.
  • Register on

Reggale & Dredhop 2021

  • When: February 20th, 2021
  • Check for updates

Event Director’s Report – Ed Moore & Peter Baggus

Holiday Bottle Share

Join us for our annual Hopper Holiday Bottle Share at the December meeting! White Elephant style gift exchange – each bottle can only be stolen twice.

  • Enter 1 “nice” bottle.
  • No homebrew.
    • Contribute an entry that you would be excited to receive!
  • Wear your best ugly holiday sweater, and seek to win the Golden Ticket!
  • Awarded to Best Ugly Holiday Sweater (by popular vote).
  • Steal any unlocked beer and it is instantly locked and cannot be stolen from you.
  • Does not override the double-steal rule (you can’t unlock a locked beer).

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