November 2020 Meeting Agenda

President’s Report – Eric Gould

  1. Welcome New Members
  2. Brewing Milestones
  3. Meeting in Person 

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Morgheim

  1. State of club finances
  2. Dues

Event Director’s Report – Ed Moore & Peter Baggus

  1. Hopper Happy Hour – Thursday, November 19⋅7:00pm
    1. Featuring Christmas beers and Big Beers. Grab a pour of commercial or home brew and be prepared to discuss. Bonus points for tips on hitting high ABV and full fermentation.

Competition Director’s Report – Matt Lawlor

  1. The Fantasy Brewing Draft entries were judged on November 7th. Winners announced!
  2. Great Divide Brewery & Roadhouse wants to feature your homebrewed beer on tap!
    1. Looking for the best fruit-forward IPA to brew in-house and feature as a seasonal tap at our Castle Rock brewery.
    2. Submissions will be accepted in-person from November 12 – 15, 2020 at Great Divide Brewery & Roadhouse in Castle Rock, Reivers Bar & Grill in Denver and Roadhouse Boulder Depot in Boulder.
    3. The winner will work alongside our brewmasters to craft their unique IPA using the Great Divide brewing system, tapping in early 2021.
    4. First through third place will also win Great Divide Brewery Roadhouse gift cards and swag! Happy brewing!
    5. More info: Great Divide IPA Contest.
  3. Regional competitions:
    1. Liquid Poetry Slam (Ft. Collins, CO)
      1. Judging: 11/22/2020
      2. Entry Open: 09/03/2020
      3. Entry Deadline: 11/06/2020
      4. Bottles Required: 3
      5. All BJCP beer, mead, and cider styles
    2. Orpheus MeadFest (Denver, CO)
      1. Judging: 12/05/2020
      2. Entry Open: 10/12/2020
      3. Entry Deadline: 11/15/2020
      4. Drop-off Locations: The Brew Hut, JK Liquors, Quirky Homebrew, Elevated Fermentations
      5. Bottles Required: 3
      6. All BJCP mead styles
    3. Visit the competitions page for complete competition listings
  4. Bière de Rock is just around the corner!
    1. Judge registration opens Saturday, November 21.
    2. Entry registration opens Tuesday, December 1st.
  5. Visit the competitions page for complete competition listings.

Education Director’s Report – Geoff Shideler

  1. Pilsner Malt


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