Rock Hoppers + C.B. & Potts Collaboration: So Much Fun!

Congratulations to Rock Hopper Brian Armstrong, who’s Citra Pale Ale won “Brewer’s Choice” in the June 2016 edition of the Rock Hopper’s club challenge: Summer Session.

The goal of this intra-club competition was to brew a summertime beer that was:

  1. light in color
  2. light in alcohol
  3. big on flavor
  4. totally crushable!

Brian and Ty brewed the Citra Pale Ale in July, and as you can see from the pics, Brian got to experience first-hand what goes into brewing on a commercial-sized system.


As with all brew days large and small, Brian took away some great learnings. “The biggest thing I learned from Ty was about brewing by gravity instead of volume.” From the pictures, it also looks like he probably learned how heavy bins of spent grain are!

What’s next? C.B. Potts will be tapping “Agnes’ Summer Citra” at our August club meeting, and we’ll be the first to taste it before it is available for customers. Plus, they’ll be entering Agnes into the Colorado State Fair!

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