RHBC 2012 Barrel Project – Mead

Currently, the RHBC is hosting a Mead Barrel Project and is inviting all members to make at least a five gallon batch of mead to add to other member contributions that will be aged in a 70 gallon Cabernet wine barrel.

The recipe and yeast will be determined once all 75 gallons (an extra 5 for the Angel’s Share) have been committed.


The cost of a 5 gallon batch to contribute is approximately $50 (at $2.85 per pound of honey) – which is a steal!

To Purchase

Enter the amount of honey below (in pounds) you would like to purchase for the Mead Barrel Project. Check out is via PayPal.

Guidelines: 17 lbs per 5 gallon batch (3.42 lbs per gallon).

So, if you’re willing to contribute 5 gallons, enter 17 in the quantity box in the shopping cart below.

To Track

If you purchase honey, please add your name and the to our tracking spreadsheet.

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