February 2018 Meeting Agenda

Rock Hoppers Brew Club Agenda

2/08/2018 6:45 PM – C.B. & Potts

President’s Report – Eric Gould

Welcome new members!
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  • C.B. & Potts
  • Kettle & Barrel
  • Castle Rock Homebrew
  • Rockyard

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Officers Nominations for 2018 tonight
  • According to bylaws:
    • Any member can be nominated for Communications, Competition, Education, and Events positions
    • President must have formerly held an officer position within the club (within past 3 years)
    • Review Article 5 of the bylaws (https://rhbc.co/rhbc-by-laws)
  • Nominations will be officially gathered during tonights meeting
  • Votes will be cast via secret ballot at the March 2018 meeting
  • For more information on officer duties and benefits:

Event Director’s Report – Dax Rush

BJCP Study Sessions

  • Next up: Cat 20 & 21

Hoppers Happy Hour

  • Recap of 01/17 Happy Hour @ Living The Dream
  • Next Up?

Competition Director’s Report – Jim Allen

Past Competitions:

  • Bière de Rock

Geoff Humphrey, Pro-Am: Rockyard Brewing Co, Belgian Blond Ale, Tiny Tim

Geoff Humphrey, 3rd, Specialty Wood-Aged Beer, Le Révellion Des Gnomes

Geoff Humphrey, 3rd, Belgian Blond Ale, Tiny Tim

Ed Moore, 2nd, Fruit, Creta Raspberry Wit

Ed Moore, 1st, Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer, Tony Hibiscus Saison

James Morgheim, 2nd, Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer, Pumpkin Dubbel

James Morgheim, 2nd, Belgian Dubbel, Dark Seas

Peter Baggus, 2nd, Saison, Saison

Eric Gould, 2nd, Wild Specialty Beer, Sweet Boy

Dax Rush, 3rd, Experimental Beer, The Entrance To Paradise

Chris Egolf, 2nd, Biere de Garde, Biere de Ugh

James Allen, 3rd, Trappist Single, Inner Sanctum

Michael Bostwick, 2nd, Belgian Tripel, Ode To Gambrinus

Brad Gay, 3rd, Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer, Evil Elf Ale

Upcoming Competitions:


13th Annual Peterson AFB Homebrew Competiton
Colorado Springs, CO

Registration and Drop-off closed – Results TBD


Wyoming Brewers Festival 6th Annual Homebrew Competition
Cheyenne, WY

Registration and Drop-off closed – Results TBD


Sweethearts Revenge
Loveland, CO

Registration and Drop-off closed – Results TBD


Boulder, CO

Entry Fee: $7.00
Entry Deadline: 02/09/2018


2018 Peak-to-Peak ProAm
Longmont, CO

Entry Fee: $7.00
Entry Deadline: 03/02/2018


National Homebrew Competition – First Round (Denver Region)

Drop-off location: Bootstrap Brewing Company 

Entries will be accepted at shipping and drop-off locations beginning Monday, March 19, 2018 – Friday, March 30, 2018, COB

Attn: 2018 NHC Denver, 142 Pratt St., Longmont, CO 80501

*Monday through Thursday 3 – 9 PM; Friday through Saturday 3 – 9:30 PM; Sunday 2 – 8 PM.

AHA National Hombrewers Conference, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

Awards Ceremony, Saturday, 6/30/2018 at 2:00 PM


24th Annual Eight Seconds of Froth
Cheyenne, WY

Entry Fee: $7.00
Entry Deadline: 04/14/2018

Visit the competitions page for more info

Intraclub Competitions

  • March 2018: Stouts

Communication Director’s Report – Eric Frazier

$6 per glass; Cash, check, card, or paypal (online)

Treasurer’s Report – Dan Croll

Dues – New year begins in March. Pay now (get it out of the way), online, or at the March meeting.

Education Director’s Report – Mike Bostwick

  • TBD

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