2013 Brewer’s Rendezvous Camping Trip Payment Info & Itinerary

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Campout is July 12, 13, and 14. Coincides with the Colorado Brewers Rendezvous in Salida, CO.

Purchase your ticket for the Salida Brewer’s Rendezvous Campout. Tickets are limited to 20 for Rock Hoppers.

These tickets are for Rock Hoppers and their guests only! If the Rock Hoppers allotment of tickets is not sold out by June 25th at 5PM, the remaining tickets will be made available to the Brew Bros and Rock Hoppers.

You may:

  1. Buy tickets for you and your immediate (i.e., nuclear) family
  2. Buy two additional tickets for guests


  1. Active/current Rock Hopper member price is $20.90
  2. Family members who aren`t paying members $20.90 + $5.15
  3. Guests (non-members) $20.90 + $5.15 
  4. Children 12 and under are free.
  5. Young adults, age 13 through 20 are half price, $10.45.

Note: Tickets are for active/current Rock Hopper members only. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

Refunded tickets will be subject to the PayPal fees.  Therefore, you will get most, but not all, of your payment refunded.


Here is a rough itenerary and what is included in the payment price (details will follow in a future email).  We camp on BLM land.  It is rustic with no ammenities. However, port-a-pottys will be at the camp site – included in the ticket price.

The theme this year is COWBOYS and INDIANS. Dress up and support our clubs! Mass adoption of costumes is what makes it fun!

Bring your own water.  Bring your own sunscreen.  Bring your own homebrew.

Friday July 12

The 2nd Annual Homebrewer’s Rendevous is from 6PM – 7:15PM;  winners will be announced at 8PM.  The Homebrewer’s Rendevous is a People`s Choice competition held at the campsite.  Bring your homebrew and compete in this competition.  Anybody can participate.

Friday night dinner is not included with your payment! Cook at the camp site or head downtown for food.

Saturday July 13

Big breakfast burritos (included) are cooked by Michele (aka Hardly Brew) and the breakfast crew.  Volunteers are needed to help in the kitchen!

Bloody Mary bar (included) run by Bryan (aka DingleBrew).

After breakfast, we head to the Brewer’s Rendevous. Tickets are not included in the payment price for camping and are sold at the gate of the festival. There will be a shuttle to take us to the festival and it will return us to our site after the festival. Recommended minimum tip for the driver is $5 cash.

Lunch: Whatever you buy from the many food trucks at the festival.

Dinner (included): Awesome homemade sub sandwiches for dinner at the camp site

Sunday July 14

Clean-up and head home.  You are on your own for breakfast.

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