The Rock Hoppers are Not the 2014 Ace of Clubs

HPD logoYes, unfortunately despite a valiant effort by several homebrewers, the Rock Hopper came up shy of winning the Ace of Clubs award for 2014.  But hey, what good is putting funny slogans on the trophy if nobody else gets to read them right?  Anyway, several Rock Hoppers continued to define how homebrewing is supposed to be done and walked away with some ribbons for their efforts, in fact, the Rock Hoppers came away with as many ribbons as the Ace of Clubs winning homebrew club and only lost due to judging and stewarding points.  Congrats to the following Rock Hoppers:

Jason Kruegel:

  • 3rd Pilsner,  “Purple Dog Pilsner”
  • 4th Dark Lager,  “Eat My Schwarz”

Kelly Kruegel:

  • 3rd Bock, “Arctic Chi”
  • 3rd Belgian and French Ale, “Monk with a Woody”
  • 3rd Belgian Strong Ale, “CoopSauce”

Matthew Linnenburger:

  • 3rd Light Hybrid Beer, “Summer Days”
  • 2nd Amber Hybrid Beer, “Alternate Universe”

Bryan Keas:

  • 2nd English Pale Ale, “Bryan’s Bitter”
  • 1st Fruit Beer, “Blue Balls”

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