RHBC Members Win 15 Medals at Gnarly Barley

GBBFThe 2nd annual Gnarly Barley homebrew competition results are in and RHBC members took home 15 medals!

Here are the winners:

Aaron Bush

  • 2nd in Sweet Stout with Wedding Stout

Walt Chleva

  • 1st in Fruit Lambic with This’ll Never Win
  • 1st in Wiezen with Banana Boat Hefeweizen

Greg Geiger

  • 1st in Belgian Witbier with Wit and Wild
  • 2nd in Belgian Dark Stron with Monkey Spank
  • 2nd in Eisbock with Debockery
  • 2nd in Dusseldorf Altbier with Geiger’s Sticke Alt
  • 3rd in Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer with Geiger’s Holiday Ale

Geoff Humphrey

  • 1st in Belgian Specialty/Saison with Friar Confounded
  • 3rd in Belgian Tripel with Timothy’s Tripel
  • 3rd in Belgian Dark Strong with Blessed and Cursed

Nathan Kanous

  • 2nd in Belgian Specialty/Saison with Saison 2010

Bryan Keas

  • 1st in Fruit Beer with Sour Cherry Bomb
  • 1st in IPA with Greatest American Beer-o (also HM in the BOS round)

Dave McHugh

  • HM in Baltic Porter with 10-10-10 Baltic


  • 1st in Wood-Aged Beer with RHBC Baltic Porter (entered by Walt Chleva)

Congrats everyone!

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