Peak to Peak: Two Hopper Pro-Ams and BOS Runner Up

Congratulations to Adam Glaser, Kelly Kruegel and Jason Kruegel for winning BIG at the 2011 Peak to Peak Pro-Am!

Adam was the Best of Show Runner Up with his Hop Envy Pale Ale. Kelly’s En Fraincais Si Vous Plait Biere de Garde was selected by Left Hand Brewing and Jason’s Afternoon Delight was selected by Crabtree Brewing.

In all, Hoppers won a total of 10 medals.

Michael Bade

  • 1st in IPA with Kneewalker

Greg Geiger

  • 2nd in Fruit Beer with Peach Thunder
  • 3rd in Spice/Herb/Vegetable with Geiger’s Holiday Ale

Adam Glaser

  • 1st in Strong Ale with Birthday Barleywine
  • 1st in American Pale with Hop Envy

Jason Kruegel

  • 1st in Fruit Beer with Afternoon Delight
  • 2nd in Wood and Smoke with Ditka
Kelly Kruegel
  • 1st in Belgian Ale with En Fraincais Si Vou Plait
  • 3rd in English Brown with Brown Bomber
Rock Hoppers
  • 3rd in Wood and Smoke with Triple B Lizard Porter

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