October 2016 Meeting Agenda

Rock Hoppers Brew Club Agenda

10/13/2016 6:45 PM – C.B.& Potts

Call to Order and Welcome to New Members – Rob Kausch

President’s Report – Rob Kausch

  • Buy stuff from C.B. & Potts, Rockyard, and Castle Rock Homebrew!
  • Sign up a friend – Recruiting a new paid member will earn you a free entry into Biere de Rock!
  • Big Ass Raffle!
  • Officer Nominations for 2017. Please see an officer if you are interested in volunteering.

Event Director’s Report – Mike Bostwick

  • Fall Buddy Brew (Belgians)
    • Last Chance to sign up today!
    • Comp will be during January meeting
  • 10/22 – Pimp Bus Brewery Tour
    • Bruz, Odell, New Belgium, Weldwerks
    • $25 members
    • $35 non-members
    • FINAL CHANCE! Signup and pay on the website or in person at the meeting.
    • If you registered, please pay Mark or via Paypal today!

Competition Director’s Report – Jim Allen

  • Past Competitions:
    • Brew Hut Homebrew Competition

      3rd – Douglas Thiel – 17B: Old Ale

      2nd – James Allen – 28A: Brett Beer

    • Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Challenge

      2nd – Eric Gould – 12C: English IPA

      3rd – Rich Davis – 15A: Irish Red Ale

      3rd – Michael Bostwick – 16D: Foreign Extra Stout

      3rd – Michael Bostwick – 18A: Blonde Ale

      3rd – Michael Bostwick – 20C: Imperial Stout

      3rd – Michael Bostwick – 28A: Brett Beer

      1st – Eric Gould & Co-Brewer: Phil Whited – 34A: Clone Beer

      3rd – Eric Gould – M2C: Berry Mead

  • Upcoming Competitions:
  • Visit the competitions page for more info
  • Interclub Competitions:
    • January 2017: Belgian Buddy Brew
    • March 2017: “Stout”

Communications Director Report – Eric Gould

  • Glassware
    • Still planned, waiting for new artwork
    • Once confirmed, will send an email with link to order
  • Website and emails
    • 78% active members have registered on the website!
      • If you’re registered, please log in and verify your email is still valid
      • If you’re not, sign up 🙂
    • We don’t have emails for 12% of our active members
      • See me after if you have questions about registering or providing us your email so we can notify you of upcoming events,

Treasurer’s Report – Mark Jeffries

Education Director’s Report – Brian Pramov


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