December 2008 Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 11, 2008 – Rockyard American Grill and Brewery – 6:45 PM

Welcome and call to order

  1. President Kjell Wygant called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.

Officer Reports

  1. Officers will meet the Saturday before the monthly meeting to discuss and strategize

New Business

  1. New meeting format
    1. The format for meetings going forward will be to discuss all officer reports, old business, new business, and annoucement items before tasting and/or judging. This way, the club can focus on taking care of business and information dissemination first while not being distracted by education and discussion of beer styles.
  2. Officer elections
    1. Officer elections will take place yearly at the March meeting
    2. Five officer positions will be decided upon that evening.
  3. Officer responsibilities
    1. A draft responsibilities document has been posted to the website. All members should familiarize themselves with the duties of each officer in deciding whether to run for a position.
  4. Dues discussion
    1. Response to collecting dues has been 100% positive. The current officers will discuss the amount and how dues will be collected and allocated for the 2009 fiscal year at their next officers meeting on January 3, 2009.
  5. Bourbon Barrel II:  Imperial Stout Team Brew
    1. All recipes are posted at on the RHBC brewlog site and include 5 and 10 gallon all-grain, 5 gallon extract with specialty grains, and 5 gallon all-grain with extract supplement for those whose mash tuns will not accomodate 25+ pounds of grain and water.

Old Business

  1. Jim Stinson is still willing to sponsor a pro-am entry into the 2009 GABF, and will be culled from the monthly “best of the meeting” winners. Jim adds a few caveats, however:
    1. The beer will be brewed in August on Rockyard’s system.
    2. The beer must be cost-effective for the Rockyard to brew.
    3. The beer will be sold at the Rockyard. As such, it will need to be not so “out there” that customers will buy it.


  1. Next Club Only Competition: Beers with OG > 1.080
    1. Judging to take place at our March meeting
  2. National Homebrewers Association Convention – Oakland, CA June 18-20, 2009
    1. Geoff will post a “general interest” sign up on the website
  3. Rock Hopper Swag
    1. Pint glasses will be ordered with a white logo. There was enough interest to buy 144. Cost will be $3 per glass.
    2. Shirts, etc. with new logo – Nick (Lab Seven Design and Imprints) has offered to print shirts, hats, etc. for the club and will bring a catalog of items to buy to the next meeting. Cost of items to be determined later.

Club Only Competition tasting and judging

  1. Seven beers were submitted to be judged:
    1. Kjell’s Golden Promise – Belgian Specialty
    2. Izzy’s Marylin – Belgian Specialty
    3. Geoff’s All That Glitters is Golden Ale – Belgian Specialty
    4. Chris’s Biere de Garde
    5. Kelly and Jason’s Rye IPA – Belgian Specialty
    6. Izzy’s Belamerican – Saison
    7. Geoff’s Le Revellion – Belgian Specialty
  2. Izzy’s Marylin won the contest and will be entered into the national Club Only Competion

General Tasting and Open Discussion


  1. The meeting ended at 10:30 PM.

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