April 2009 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by President Greg Geiger.

Officer Reports

President – Greg Geiger


  • Planning committee report
  • Planning on selling various RHBC items at NHC: bottle openers, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, etc.
  • Presentation to be given in Hospitality Suite – Adam Glaser is coordinating and researching a subject that Geoff et. al will present. This is a great opportunity for RHBC to be exclusively featured to a national audience.
  • Beer for Club Night – Sign up to provide a five gallons of beer to serve during Club Night. All who sign up have the opportunity to win some prizes.

Belgium trip is being planned for fall 2009. Cost is $1300 for airfare and hotel. Contact Greg if you’re interested.

AHA Rally New Belgium last week – Great Hopper presence at the rally; check out the photos.

23 Rock Competition – thanks to Jim, Jason, and the Rockyard for the support, the raw materials, and the prizes.

Events – Kelly Kruegel

Upcoming Events (dates and times are or will be on the website):

  • Big Brew – due to various scheduling reasons, Big Brew will NOT be held at the Rockyard this year. See this post for location and associated events.
  • Beer Wars movie – there are two groups of Hoppers attending two different screenings, one in Castle Rock, one in Aurora. Join us!
  • 5th Front Range Homebrew Club Rendezvous – held at Great Divide on Saturday, April 18 from 3pm to 6pm. Everyone is invited.
  • Hopper Yard Sale fundraiser – more info to come on the site.

“Brew with Me” – keep an eye out in the forum to attend a Brew with Me session with a fellow Hopper. It’s a great opportunity to check out other people’s systems and partake in a bit of fun with beer.

Communications – Geoff Humphrey

Website access – please note that website access is limited to those who have paid dues. We encourage people to try out the site, but if your account is more than three months old and you haven’t paid dues yet, your access will be limited.

Treasurer – Chris Egolf

2009 Dues…it’s only $20! To date, we’ve collected dues from 22 Hoppers. There are 48 accounts on the website, so just about half have paid up.

Competition/Education – Walt Chleva

Upcoming competitions (a comprehensive list is being created) to judge, steward, and enter. Check the website for details.

Upcoming competitions:

1st Annual Rock Hoppers Competition 2010 – A planning committee being formed. If you are interested, contact Walt Chleva.

Update on Pro-am with the Rockyard

  • Enter your Dunkleweizen into Eight Seconds of Froth, Left Hand/Indian Peaks Alers, Liquid Poetry Slam, and NHC
  • Currently eligible: Kelly and Jason Kruegel – 1st place win at Dredhop

23 Rock Competition

In January 2009, Jim Stinson and the Rockyard offered to supply Rock Hoppers with the second-runnings of their Double Redhawk (which is now aging in bourbon barrels). From those second runnings, Hoppers brewed up batches of beer that would be fall into Category 23 of the BJCP guidelines.

At this meeting, the club judged the results of the challenge. 18 beers were entered.

The entire club judged the beers in three flights. Two beers from each flight were chosen to move on to the Best of Show round, judged by Jim Stinson and Jason Buehler.

Congratulations to the top three in the Best of Show round:

  • 1st Place: Greg Geiger with his T n’ A Ale, a brew with tamarind and agave nectar
  • 2nd Place: Geoff Humphrey with his 23 Skiddoo Belgian-Saison-inspired ale with orange, ginger, honey and coriander; fermented with White Labs Saison I
  • 3rd Place: Ryan Church with his Peaches and Cream Weiss made with peaches, lactose, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, steeped with 3lbs wheat, and fermented with Wyeast German 3333

Thanks to Jim for giving us all a taste of the Double Redhawk from the barrels!

Swag Drawing

Four hoppers walked away with six packs of genuine Iowa microbrew from Mill Creek brewing. Thanks to everyone for ponying up the $5 for the drawing, we made over $50!


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