January 2016 Meeting Agenda


Rock Hoppers Brew Club Agenda

01/14/2016 6:45 PM – C.B. & Potts

Call to Order and Welcome to New Members – Brian Pramov

President’s Report – Brian Pramov

·       Nominations for Officers for next year – Start thinking of who you want to nominate in February

·       Buy from C.B. & Potts, Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, and Rockyard!

·       Sign up to have your beers judged! Up to three beers can be judged at the meeting, by BJCP certified judges. To allow everyone a chance, your beer cannot be judged in two consecutive meetings

Event Director’s Report – Justin Vandergriffe

·       Platte Park Tour on January 23rd, at 1:00 PM– RSVP to Justin to attend

·       Other events are in planning, either Former Future or North Dock

·       Gadgets meeting in March, bring your stuff!

Competition Director’s Report – Doug Thiel

·       Big Beer Results – 13 Medals plus Eric Gould wins Best of Show!

o    He’s bringing a bottle of his winner to share with us!

·       Biere de Rock –

o    We need Stewards!

o    We need Entries – Enter your beers!

o    5 Pro-ams

·       Upcoming competitions

o    Peterson

§  http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/events/the-11th-annual-peterson-air-force-base-homebrew-competition/

§  February 6th, 2016

§  $6.00 per entry

§  Registration closes January 23rd, 2016

o    Regale and Dredhop

§  http://hopbarley.org/dredhop

§  February 5th, 2016

§  $7.00 per entry

§  Registration closes January 23rd, 2016

o    Sweethearts Revenge

§  http://weizguys.com/revenge/

§  February 13th, 2016

§  $7.00 per entry

§  Registration closes February 13th, 2016

o    Peak to Peak

§  http://www.indianpeaksalers.org/

§  March 13th, 2016

§  $7.00

§  Registration due March 12th, 2016

o    Mazer Cup

§  http://www.mazercup.com/

§  March 19th 2016

§  Registration due March 4th, 2016

o    1st Round for Nationals is coming up in April – brew your beer now!

·       January Intra-Club Competition – Big Beers!

o    Winner gets a $50.00 gift certificate to Castle Rock Homebrew Supply!

Communication Director’s Report – Robert Kausch

·       We would like to incentivize officers for the next term

o    We would like to amend the bylaws to reimburse an event of your choice to promote the club, up to $75.00.

o    Starting next year (we’re not rewarding ourselves)

o    Must use during your tenure

o    Go to represent and promote the club

o    Reimburse at the end of the year

Treasurer’s Report – Mark Jeffries

·       Bank Balance

·       Membership Dues start in March – no increase this year – still $25.00 for the year

Education – George Delena

·       Style comparison – American Pale (18B) vs. American IPA (21A) vs. American Double IPA (22A)

o    Pale Ale: Dales Pale Ale vs Sierra Nevada

o    IPA: Firestone, Lagunitas, Bull and Bush Man Beer

o    Double IPA: Lagunitas Sucks, Hop15


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