May Meeting Minutes

Rock Hoppers Brew Club Agenda

May 14, 2015 6:45 PMCastle Rock Homebrew Supply

Call to Order and Welcome to New Members – Bryan Pramov 

President’s Report – Brian Pramov 

Support your local homebrew shop (Castle Rock Homebrew Supply). Buy things from Eric, he lets us meet here!

  • Pay your dues! See Mark
  • Insurance – As part of the insurance package, we’ve elected to include officers insurance in our policy, which is a slight additional cost
    • We’ve heard that other clubs have had to collect member’s addresses and contact information, and in case we need it, we’ll be doing the same. Please fill provide your information on the sign-in sheet (this will also allow us to get a better idea of where everyone is coming from, and plan events closer to everyone)
  • The meetings are moving! Staring in June (next month), we will be meeting at Grist. The meetings will still be Thursday nights, at the same time
    • Due to the recent change in Colorado Law, Homebrew clubs are now allowed to meet in Licensed Breweries and other establishments, and serve home brew
    • The law states that everyone consuming alcohol on the premises during the meeting must be a dues-paying member of the club. Visitors to the club will no longer be able to sample homebrew, and will be asked to join the club on their first visit
      • This is REQUIRED due to the law, and we don’t want the club nor Grist to get into trouble. 
    • The club also wants to give huge thank you to Eric for hosting us over the last two years. The club will continue to support the shop and encourage members to shop here.

Event Director’s Report – Justin Vandergriffe

  • AHA Rally at Hall Brewing, May 16th. Requires Signup through AHA Website.
  • Working to line up plans for the Bus Tour, in the October timeframe. Will be comparing costs for busses.
  • Working to raise participation rates, getting events that are a bit more structured (like the River North Tour, which had great participation)
  • Working to set up a tour at Copper Kettle, based on relationships developed through Biere de Rock
  • Rails and Ales 2015 – Take a train from Alamosa to a field in the mountains for a beer festival. Some seats still available (first class is the only thing not sold out, $99.00 / ticket,
  • Buddy Brew! Sign up on the sheets provided,
    • Competition is on the Sept. 10th Meeting
    • Must use at least 2, but no more than 4 of the following ingredients (also posted on the website):
      1. Ginger
      2. Coffee / Espresso
      3. Tea
      4. Anaheim Chilis
      5. Mosiac hops
      6. Flaked Rye
      7. PB2 (peanut butter substitute)
      8. Raspberries
      9. Local Honey
      10. Nutella (doesn’t have to be actual Nutella, but has to be a perceptible flavor of hazel nuts and chocolate)
      11. Chocolate Malt Balls
      12. Hibiscus
      13. Sea Salt 
      14. Raisins
      15. Cucumber
      16. Beech wood. The Hard Way.
      17. Rum
      18. Coconuts
      19. Loose Leaf Tobacco (no Red Man!)
      20. Wine (red or white)

Competition Director’s Report – Doug Thiel

  • National Homebrew Competition, First Round – 
    • Tom Thorpe – 2nd Place, category 7A (Amber Hybrid Beer)
    • William Beeson – 2nd Place, category 12C (Porter)
    • Ed Moore – 3rd Place, category 24C (Traditional Mead)
    • Brian Pramov – 3rd Place, category 13F (Stout), and 3rd Place, category 20A (Fruit Beer)
    • Douglas Thiel – 2nd Place, category 9E (Scottish and Irish Ale)
    • George Delena – 1st Place, category 9E (Scottish and Irish Ale) and 3rd Place, category 21A (Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer)
  • Liquid Poetry Slam
    • Bryan Keas – 2nd Place, Category 2A (German Pilsner), and 1st Place, Category 15A (Weizen/Weissbier)
    • Ed Moore – 3rd Place, Category 5C (Doppelbock), 3rd Place, Category 7B (California Common), 2nd Place, Category 19B (English Barleywine)
    • Eric Gould with CoBrewer Brian Pramov – 2nd Place, Category 20 (Fruit Beer)
  • 8 Seconds of Froth
    • Entries due noon on Saturday May 16th (THIS SATURDAY)
    • Drop-off locations include Brew Hut, Beer & Wine At Home, other metro locations
    • Trophy is the Ace of Clubs, and we need to win it again!
  • Steel City
    • Entries due May 29th
    • Drop-off at the Brew Hut
    • $6.00 / entry, max 21 / person
    • 2 bottles required
  • El Paso County Fair
    • Entries due July 12th
    • $6.00 / entry
  • Arapahoe County Fair
    • Entries due July 23rd
    • More information to follow
  • Denver County Fair
    • Entries due July 30th
    • Registration now open
    • Entries $3.00, register online
    • 2 bottles required
  • Colorado State Fair
    • Entries due August 8th
    • $5.00 / entry
    • More information to follow
  • June interclub competition – Category 6

Communication Director’s Report – Robert Kausch

  • Working to resurrect email blast for club announcements (I will NOT spam you, I promise)
  • Facebook seems to be the most effective means of communication
  • All the accounts are now working. Follow us / subscribe to us, find us!
    • Twitter: @RockHoppersBC
    • Facebook: Rock Hoppers Brew Club (“Community Page”),
    • Website:
  • If you have interesting pictures, events, brew days you want to share, questions, stuff for sale, or anything else, email them to me, and I’ll get them posted:
  • Go drink my pro-am Dubbel at Lone Tree! (shameless plug!)

Treasurer’s Report – Mark Jeffries

  • Pay your dues! We have 12 paid members to date.
    • We have the Square working now, and can take credit cards during the meeting
  • Working towards the Raffle in June, which will be a very big one
    • If you have anything you want to donate for the Raffle, see one of the officers
  • Current state of the accounts

Education – George Delena

  • The Tasting Kit is here! The contents of the kit will be broken out to sample a few bad / off flavors per meeting
  • Tonight’s off flavors are:
    • Lightstruck,  
    • Acetylaldehyde 
    • Butryic Acid 

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