March 2021 Meeting Agenda

Thursday, March 11, 2021, 6:45 pm

President’s Report – Eric Gould

  1. Welcome New Members
  2. Club Member Accomplishments

Education –  Geoff Schideler

Rob Kevwich, PhD, President of Oast House Oils, will join us to discuss his hop oil product which will be available on the retail market in the coming days.

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Morgheim

  1. State of club finances
  2. Dues

Competition Director’s Report – Matt Lawlor

  1. March Intra-Club Results
  2. Sweetheart’s Revenge Results
  3. Reggale & Dredhop Results
  4. Upcoming Competitions

Event Director’s Report – Ed Moore & Peter Baggus

Hopper Happy Hour – Thursday, March 25th, 6:45 PM

Bring out your baddest beer and see if it measures up to other beers from each member. It can be the hoppiest, biggest, sourest, oldest, or some other beer category. Bring on your beers and see if you have the baddest beer in the meeting. Please note this is not for the faint of heart!

Officer Nominations and Candidate Statements – Eric Gould

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