Hoppers Win at the 2012 Dredhop

Congrats go out to Hoppers Michael Bade, Bill Beeson, Greg Geiger, and Brian Pramov for medaling in this year’s Dredhop, held on February 25, 2012.

Michael Bade

  • 1st in Light Lager (German Pils)
  • 2nd in Light Lager (Bohemian Pils)
Bill Beeson
  • 1st in Dark Lager (Munich Dunkel)
  • 2nd in Dark Lager (Schwarzbier)
  • 2nd in American Pale Ale
  • 2nd in Belgian Pale Ale
Greg Geiger
  • 1st in Christmas/Winter
  • 3rd in Belgain Strong (Dark Strong)
  • 3rd in Strong Ale (English Barleywine)
Brian Pramov
  • 1st in Wood-Aged


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