Hoppers Clean Up at the the Colorado State Fair

FoamFest 2012A very big congrats (not to mention some hefty medals) to our own Rock Hoppers who placed at the 2012 Colorado State Fair FoamFest homebrew competition!

Big congrats to Bryan Keas for winning the John Hanley Memorial Award for best Pilsner!

Michael Bade

  • 1st in Dark Lager
  • HM in Pilsner
Billy Beeson
  • 3rd in Bock
  • 3rd in English Pale Ale
  • 1st in Porter
  • 2nd in Strong Ale
  • HM in Spice/Herb/Veg

Greg Geiger

  • HM in Belgian Strong Ale

Tyler Hudziec

  • 2nd in European Amber Lager

Bryan Keas

  • 1st in Pilsner
  • 1st in American Ale
  • 2nd in Fruit Beer
Brian Pramov/Ryan Carter
  • 1st in German Wheat and Rye
  • HM in Light Hybrid
  • HM in Smoke/Wood
Eric Seufert
  • HM in IPA

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