Hoppers Clean Up at Eight Seconds – Earn Ace of Clubs Yet Again!

RHBC members continue to dominate local competitions and the 19th Annual Eight Seconds of Froth competition in Cheyenne, WY. Hoppers brought home no less that 24 medals in the competition!

With such a strong showing, RHBC won yet again the Ace of Clubs for the third time in the last four years!

Congratulations to the following medalists.

Billy Beeson

  • 1st in Light Lager
  • 3rd in Pilsner
  • 3rd in Light Hybrid
  • 1st in Scottish and Irish
  • 1st in English Brown
  • 1st in Porter
  • 2nd in German Wheat/Rye

Josh Given

  • 3rd in English Pale
  • 3rd in Porter

Geoff Humphrey

  • 2nd in Belgian/French
  • 3rd in Smoke/Wood

Mark Jeffries

  • 3rd in American Ale
  • 2nd in Porter
  • 3rd in Traditional Mead

Bryan Keas

  • 2nd in English Pale

Jason Kruegel

  • 2nd in Pilsner
  • HM in Strong Ale

Kelly Kruegel

  • 1st AND 2nd in Bock
  • 1st in Belgian/French
  • 1st in Belgian Strong

Phil Penningroth

  • 3rd in Bock
  • 2nd in Smoke/Wood

Doug Theil

  • 3rd in Stout
  • 1st in Specialty

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