CANCELLED: AHA Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day

Event has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Maybe next year.

Adam Glaser has offered his home for the event.  His address is:

Use the signup feature to let Adam know if you will be coming. He has requested that people signed up at least one week in advance for planning (October 25 is the deadline).

He also has suggested that an all-grain brewer bring their equipment to demonstrate the process. Adam will be brewing an extract-based beer:

I think it would be really cool to get an extract brew and an all grain brew going at the same time, this would allow for the people there to learn about both methods, how to shift from extract to all grain (since that is how most of us go), and it will allow for more people to be involved and for more beer to be available to the participating people once it is ready.  I am able to provide the extract system and by November 1st, I will be close to completing my all grain system.

Teach your friends about your passion!

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