Brew Brother’s Invite – Brewery Bus Tour!

See below:

As president of the Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak homebrew club, I’d like to extend a special invitation to you and all of the Rockhoppers.  BBoPP has an annual, cherished tradition called the Bru Bus, where we charter a bus and visit breweries in a different city on the front range.

We are visiting breweries in Ft. Collins this year.  It’s coming up on Nov. 17th and the cost is $50.  We still have a good number of seats left open that we’d like to fill, and we’d love to have the Hoppers join us.  We are thinking it will be easy to swing off the interstate near Castle Rock and pick up a group on our way to Ft. Collins.  

Here is more information, like what you get for that $50:

Can you please pass this along to your group and ask that any interested members get in touch with Michele (organizer, cc’d), Bryan (co-organizer, cc’d), or myself?


Ned Brush

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