April 2017 Meeting Agenda

Rock Hoppers Brew Club Agenda

4/13/2017 6:45 PM – C.B.& Potts

President’s Report – Eric Gould

  • Welcome new members!
  • Buy stuff from C.B. & Potts, Rockyard, and Castle Rock Homebrew!
  • Sign up a friend – Recruiting a new paid member will earn you a free entry into the 2018 Biere de Rock competition!
  • PAY YOUR DUES! – New year began in March

Event Director’s Report – Dax Rush

  • Big Brew Day – 5/6/2017

Competition Director’s Report – Jim Allen

  • Past Competitions
    • Charlie Orr Memorial Chicago Cup Challenge
      • Brian Pramov – 2nd, 25B: Saison, From Chaos Comes Clarity
      • Brian Pramov – 3rd, 26C: Belgian Tripel, In Nomine Patris, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti
      • Brian Pramov (with Co-Brewers Brad Gay, Eric Gould, Jeff Woodring, Eric Tews, Kurt Bulawa) – 2nd, 34C: Experimental Beer, My Safe Word Is “Keep Going”
      • Eric Gould (with Co-Brewer Phil Whited) – 3rd, 28C: Wild Specialty Beer, 60% Of The Time It Works Every Time
  • Interclub Competitions
    • June 2017: Wheat Beer (anything as long as it’s at least 30% wheat)
    • September 2017: TBD
    • December 2017: TBD

Communications Director Report – Eric Frazier

  • Glassware is available today
  • $6 per glass; Cash, check, card, or paypal (online)

Treasurer’s Report – Dan Croll

Education Director’s Report – Mike Bostwick

  • Yeast

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