NHC 2010 Beer for Club Night – The Eis Challange!

NHC 2010

Use the sign-up feature below to put your name into the hat to brew a special beer to represent the Rock Hoppers at NHC.

This year’s theme: ICE (Eis). If you can, brew a beer and Eis it following the traditions of Eisbocks and Eisbiers.

  • It doesn’t have to be a traditional Eisbock or Eisbier – it can be an EisBarleywine or EisOktoberfest. Use your imagination.
  • Eising your beer is NOT mandatory. Simply donating 5 gallons is AWESOME enough.

Please, no bottles – only kegs (we’ll be able to scrounge a keg for you if need be).


  • Brew your best brew as soon as possible!
  • Donate 5 gallons to be carted to Minneapolis and represent RHBC – it will consumed by the masses at NHC’s club night and in the hospitality suite.
  • Feel good about yourself.

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