September 2008 Meeting Minutes

Imperial Anything

After a mini-lesson on how the BJCP judges by Walt, Larry and Greg, the club judged the “Imperial Anything” entries for the AHA Club Only Competition. Greg Geiger’s English Barleywine was chosen to represent the club in the national competition.  Results from the national competition will be announced in mid-october.

Burbon Barrel Brew Update

The barrel was been filled in late August. All samples that were presented to Jim to test for infection were turned in at the August meeting.  All but one were infected, but it was determined that lack of sanitation of the bottles the participants used contributed the “bugs,” not the beers themselves.  The moral of the story: sanitze your bottles AND your caps.

The beer will condition in the bbarrel for six to nine months. At the time of this writing, there was a small amount of fermentation happining – the air lock was bubbling once every 15 seconds or so.

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