February 2009 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 6:58pm by president Kjell Wygant
  • In attendance (20): Chris Egolf, Walt Chleva, Adam Glaser, Rodney Gravenor, Michael Bade, Rick Mazza, Kelly Kruegel, Jason Kruegel, David McHugh, Jacob Harres, Jim Stinson, Izzy Kalinchuk, Kjell Wygant, Geoff Humphrey, David Havelka, Greg Geiger, Justin Martz, Brad Schamp, Nate Kanous, Ward Argust

Officer Reports

  • Events – Izzy Kalinchuk
    • There will be a brewery tour at Breckenridge Brewery on March 24. Check the website for details.
    • A tour and tasting afternoon is being planned for Oskar Blues Brewery. More info to come.

New Business

  • Elections will be held at the March 2009 general meeting
  • The following people have been nominated for officer positions for the 2009-2010 year:
    • President – Greg Geiger, Kjell Wygant
    • Event Director – Kelly Kruegel, Adam Glaser
    • Communications Director – Geoff Humphrey
    • Treasurer – Jason Kruegel, Chris Egolf
    • Competition/Education Director – Greg Geiger, Walt Chleva

Old Business

  • Yearly dues begin March 2009
    • Dues will be $20 per year, collected at the March meeting.
    • Website access will be limited to those who have paid their yearly dues.
  • NHC Update
    • Five RHBC members will be traveling to Oakland in June to represent the club. They will paricipating in the Club Night and will be hosting the bar for a few hours in the Hospitality Suite.
    • Each of the five members going to the conference will be contributing five gallons of beer to be served at the Club Night and Hospitality Suite events.
    • There is a need for 25 more gallons of beer to round out the club’s stores for NHC. Go to Enter Here for NHC Beer for more information.
  • 23 Rock Competition
    • All who picked up wort provided by the Rockyard have brewed their competition beers.
    • Jim S. and Jason B. will judge each entry in April. More info to come.
  • Pro-am with the Rockyard
    • As stated at the previous meeting, the style to brew is a Dunkleweizen. To be considered for the Pro-Am brew at the Rockyard and GABF, you need to enter and PLACE in a BJCP sanction competition.
    • Brew and enter your Dunkleweizens into the Peterson Air Force Base Homebrew Competition (February), Dredhop 2009 (March), Liquid Poetry Slam (May), and/or NHC (June).

Judging of Club Only Competition beer entries (Beers > 1.080)

  • Nine beers were judged by the club to represent the club in the national Club Only Competition for beers > 1.080:
    • An English Barleywine
    • A Milk Stout
    • A Russian Imperial Stout
    • A Wee Heavy
    • An Agave Wheat
    • A Midas Touch-style Beer
    • A Baltic Porter
    • Two American Barleywines
  • The winner: Adam Glaser’s American Barleywine

Adjourned at approximately 10:15 pm.

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