February 2016 Meeting Agenda

Rock Hoppers Brew Club Agenda

02/11/2016 6:45 PM – C.B.& Potts

Call to Order and Welcome to New Members – Brian Pramov

President’s Report – Brian Pramov

·       Buy Stuff from C.B. & Potts

·       Enter your beer for judging / feedback

·       Officer Nominations

o    Nominations are open for President, Event Director, Competition, Communication, Education, and Brian’s nominations are:

§  President: Rob Kausch

§  Events: Mike Bostwick

§  Competition: Jim Allen

§  Communication: Tom Thorpe, Eric Gould

·       By-laws have been amended

o    New stipend for reimbursement of beer-related event

o    Updated presidents responsibilities to move event-related items to Event director

o    Addition of planning aid for Biere de Rock

§  Discussed making Competition Director a 2-year officer position, to help with planning. We moved to add the planning aid as an initial step to make things easier. Thoughts on 2 year position?

·       Big Thank you to DOUG THIEL for running an awesome competition!

Event Director’s Report – Justin Vandergriffe

·       North Dock in March (tentatively March 12th)

Competition Director’s Report – Doug Thiel

·       Biere de Rock

o    123 entries registered, and 4 no-shows

o    Nate Kanous – Gold for Fruit and Fruit Spice, Saison

o    Eric Gould – Silver for Fruit and Fruit Spice

o    Phil Penningroth – Silver for Saison

o    Mike Bostwick – Silver for Tripel

o    Jim Allen – Bronze for Tripel

o    Brian Pramov – Bronze for Brett Beer

o    Ed Moore – Silver for Witbier

o    Robert Kausch, et. al., – Gold for Flanders Red

o    Chris Egolf – Silver for Belgian Pale, Biere de Garde and Trappist Single

o    Mark Jeffries – Bronze for Belgian Blonde and Golden Strong

o    Brian Pramov, Charlie Gottenkieny, Ed Moore, Jim Denier, George Delena, Doug Thiel, Matt Lawlor – Silver for Dark Strong and Wood Dark Strong (Rock Hoppers Barrel Project)

·       March interclub competition: Stouts and Porters

o    Brew them now!

o    $25.00 Gift Certificate to the best entry

·       Peak to Peak

o    Competition is March 16th

o    Entries due March 4th

o    $7.00 / entry

o    All categories

o    http://reggiebeer.com/ReggieEntry.php?CompetitionID=ABIURV1000124

·       Mazer Cup

o    March 18-19

o    http://www.mazercup.com

·       Charlie Orr Memorial Competition

o    Our best of show winner’s home club competition in Chicago

o    Registration due February 27th

o    Fedex to Brew and Grow (address on website)

o    http://www.bossbeer.org/competition.html

o    Twelve (12)! Pro-ams!

o    Entries due March 12th

o    $7.00 per entry, all categories accepted

Communication Director’s Report – Robert Kausch

·       Gadgets meeting in March

o    Bring your best gadgets!

o    $25.00 gift certificate for the best entry!

Treasurer’s Report – Mark Jeffries

·       Bank balance

·       Member Numbers

·       Results of Biere de Rock (financials)

·       Registrations

Education – James from Former Future / Black Project!

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