2020 Officer Candidate Statements


Eric Gould

I was previously an officer for three years, one of those as Education Director, and two as President. I look forward to partnering with Jim and other members taking the leap to become club officers for the first time.

As President, my platform would be “don’t try to do everything, but do the important things well.” As such, I will focus on what matters most to the majority of our members, as well as continue to fund and emphasize education as a differentiator by working with the Education Director on possible topics like:

  • Yeast and bacterial growth; isolation, plating and counting.
  • Canning homebrew.
  • Other advanced techniques.

Additionally, I would advocate the testing of new opportunities, including co-events with other clubs and other subsidized activities in addition to, or in lieu of, the annual bus trip.

Finally, I would establish a framework to pilot and launch an annual Colorado-only inter-club circuit and Rock Hopper of the Year.

Communication Director

Teena Morgheim

My name is Teena Morgheim and I’m running for the Communication Director and  I feel it is important for everyone to understand what I can bring to table for this position.

First, I’ve done this type of position as part of a leadership council in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts during the ten years my son went from Bear to Eagle Scout. I understand that communication is the key aspect of maintaining order and continuity within an organization, and I promise to give it my best.

Second, I would like to give back to the club. I’ve met such wonderful people and had very many interesting conversations during my time with the Rock Hoppers. I think it is time that I give a little time back to the group that has invited in and taught me and my husband so much over the last few years.

To wrap up, I just want to let everyone know that I’ve enjoyed learning about brewing techniques and listening to everyone’s experiences during my time with the Rock Hoppers. I’m enthusiastic to help out the club and I hope I have your vote in the upcoming election!

Competition Director

Matt Lawlor

My name is Matt Lawlor. I’ve been a Rock Hopper for about eight years and I’m running for Competition Director.

What drew me to the Rock Hoppers years ago was a desire to become a better homebrewer. When I started to realize the number of award-winning brewers were in the club at that time, I knew I made the right decision. After guidance from some of these award-winning veterans of the beer world, my brewing processes greatly improved, and I entered my first competition. I won a gold medal at the Brew Hut’s annual competition – and I was hooked. As the Competition Director, I want to ensure that each member can have a similar experience if they want to. I do believe competing pushes you to become a better brewer.

These are my goals as Competition Director:

  • Continue quarterly intra-club competitions.
  • Promote and manage our annual club competition, Biere de Rock. This is a very renowned competition and I want to do everything I can to ensure its continued success.
  • Support and encourage our members to enter competitions.
  • Provide timely information regarding upcoming competitions.
  • Continue the BJCP Me! program.

Finally, I would also like to implement a Rock Hopper of the Year program for our club. This would be a points-based competition with members accruing throughout the year in several different criteria – e.g., paying dues on time, participation in club events, entering competitions, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.

Events Director

Ed Moore

I am Ed Moore and I have been with the Rock Hoppers for five years (give or take) and a homebrewer since 1995. Over the years, I have been in four other homebrew clubs: The Dead Yeast Society in Lafayette, La., the Foam Rangers and KGB in Houston, and Foam on the Range here in Denver.  I have been an officer in each of these clubs. I have close to 750 medals from various homebrew competitions including three second places at the NHC finals. Additionally, I have medaled in 30 different states.

I have organized about half dozen homebrew competitions including one of the largest in the country – The Dixie Cup in Houston. Further, I have organized many happy hours for each of the homebrew clubs I have been involved with, as well as organized bus trips and inter-club competitions.

Whether you vote for me or Peter, we are both willing to work together on organizing the events during the upcoming Rock Hopper calendar year.  This would include continuing the Hopper Happy Hours, Big Brew Day, March Madness, and helping the competition coordinator with inputs from upcoming competitions.  Of course, all of this will involve getting input from members.

Peter Baggus

I joined the rock Hoppers in 2014, having a few prior years homebrewing experience solo. Over the years, I’ve participated in many of our club events, from happy hours to meeting Mike Bostwick at a hop farm in Monument. If elected, I’d bring that experience to bear in continuing some of our successful event traditions while also trying some new ideas and focus.

Particularly of interest would be expanding the area of breweries we visit and adding occasional weekend events that could include open house style brew days and opening bottles of home brew and commercial brew from members’ cellars (I’m always trying to reduce mine).

Education Director

Geoffrey Shideler

Often, we are told brewing “rules” without a deep explanation: ensure a vigorous boil, don’t let beer interact with oxygen during cold side, get your pH into the right range. My mind always goes to the same place: “Why? What is happening if I don’t?” I am a firm believer that having a good, basic understanding of the mechanism behind a process helps me navigate that process better, and hopefully I brew better beer as a result.

If you were present during my guest educational lecture on sanitation, you’ll remember this line of thinking was present there. I had a Brett infection that took over my brewery. Someone told me to use a different type of sanitizer and it worked. I found out why (hint: yeast can survive low pH environments, but it won’t survive environments with iodine), and through understanding how the different sanitizers work, I am better able to manage sanitation issues in my brewery. As your education director, I aim to provide a series of interesting and helpful educational topics to teach you as to why you follow the rules you follow.

In my previous homebrew club in Miami, a similar-sized club, I was president for two years. This made me the de facto education director (since we didn’t have one). During that time, I presented on a variety of topics and invited guest speakers, all with the goal of helping the club understand beer brewing better. As your education director, I would hope to instill a sense of curiosity in your brewing that makes you want to dig deeper for a better understanding of why we do what we do and how it makes better beer.