2014 Buddy Brew Teams Chosen!!! (Now Get Brewing!)

Buddy BrewAfter weeks of careful deliberation, the white smoke has risen from the Vatican chimney and the 2014 Buddy Brew teams have been chosen!

Please find your buddy brew partner below and start working on any recipe you would like to brew which contains less than 5% alcohol.

Good luck to everyone, but most importantly, have fun and use this as an opportunity to teach each other something about making better beer. Look for an email to follow with everyone’s email information so you can make initial contact (because I didn’t want everyone’e email blasted all over the interwebs).

2014 Buddy Brew Teams:

  • Shawn Keller – Jim Denier
  • Greg Topay – Michael Bade
  • Scott Lamm – Doug Thiel
  • Mike Bostwick – Mark Jeffries
  • George Delena – Jeff Gilbertson
  • Matt Lawlor – Kjell Wygant
  • Mike Roth – Andy Honker
  • David Marsh – Brian Pramov
  • Rob Kausch – Bryan Keas
  • Scott Douris – Chris Huser
  • Ken Anderson – Geoff Humphrey
  • James/Jasmine Devalois – Billy Beeson
  • Josh Given – Matt Linnenberger
  • Peter Baggus – Eric Seufert

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