Big Brew Day is May 3

Big Brew is coming soon! Mark your calendars - May 3, 2014 starting at 8:00 AM.

Once again, this year the Rock Hoppers will be brewing for Big Brew Day at The Rockyard's production facility [Map], which is just south of the brewery/restaurant.

The Rockyard has again offered to donate base (pale) malt, hot water, and yeast for those that want it.  

If you plan on brewing please contact Jeff Gilbertson with your requirements for pale malt by April 27.

Hoppers Take Home 10 Medals at Big Beers 2014

The 2014 edition of the Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines Homebrew Competition garnered 340 entries from all over the country. And of the 44 medals awarded, Rock Hoppers took home 10 of them. 

Congrats to the following winners (left to right):

Billy Beeson

  • 2nd in Wit, Belgian Pale, and Biere de Garde (Biere de Garde)
  • 1st in Belgian Strong Dark (Belgiand Dark Strong - Co-Brewer: Matt Lawlor)
  • 2nd in Belgain Strong Dark (Dubbel)
  • 1st in Strong Scotch and Baltic Porter (Strong Scotch)

Charlie Gottenkieny

  • 1st in Sour (Flanders Red - Co-Brewer: Geoff Humphrey)
  • 2nd in Spice Herb Vegetable (Saison with Beets)

Geoff Humphrey

  • 1st in Wit, Belgian Pale, and Biere de Garde (Biere de Garde)

Phil Penningroth

  • 2nd in Bock/Weizenbock (Eisbock)
  • 2nd in Strong Ale (Am. Barleywine)

Bryan Keas

  • 2nd in Specialty (Hoppy Imperial Red)

Hoppers Retain "Best Homebrew Club" Title at the Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Challenge

RMHBCC LogoThe Firkin Is Ours ... Again!

For the second year in a row, the Hoppers claim the title of "Best Homebrew Club" in the Rocky Mountain region with our showing at the Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Challenge.

A huge congrats goes to Jason Kruegal for winning Best of Show with his Cooper's Pride Old Ale.

In all, Hoppers came away with 22 medals from our 77 entries.

Billy Beeson

  • 2nd in Light Lager
  • 2nd in Amber Hybrid
  • 1st in Porter

George Delena

  • 1st in German Wheat and Rye

Charlie Gottenkieny

  • 3rd in Scottish/Irish
  • HM in Scottish/Irish
  • 2nd in Sour Ale (co-brewer: Geoff Humphrey)

Geoff Humphrey

  • 2nd in Stout (co-brewer: the RHBC Barrel Brew Crew 2009)
  • 2nd in SHV (co-brewer: Chris Huser)
  • 3rd in Melomel
  • 1st in Specialty Cider and Perry

Jason Kruegel

  • 1st in Strong Ale
  • 3rd in Smoked/Wood Aged
  • 2nd in Specialty

Kelly Kruegel

  • 2nd in Bock

Matthew Linnenburger

  • 1st in Light Lager
  • 3rd in Light Hybrid

Phil Penningroth

  • 3rd in Bock
  • 2nd in Strong Ale

Brian Pramov

  • 3rd in English Pale Ale (co-brewer: Ryan Carter)
  • 3rd in English Brown Ale
  • 2nd in Porter (co-brewer: Scott Mead)

Tom Thorpe

  • 2nd in English Brown Ale


Congrats to the Rockyard's Jim and Kjell for their GABF Bronze Medal!

RHBC founders and all-around awesome brewers at the Rockyard collected a Bronze medal in Scottish Style Ale at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival with the Rockyard's Redhawk Ale. Awesome showing, guys.

Congrats from your Rock Hopper Bretheren!


RHBC's Own Brian Pramov and Bryan Keas win The Bruery's Batch 1000 Competition


A BIG congrats go out to Brian Pramov and Bryan Keas, whose Night Ryeder beer was chosen as overall winner of The Bruery's Batch 1000 contest.

The Bruery will take their recipe "and reproduce, as faithful as possible to the original recipe, on a professional scale" with their assistance.

"If the product is brought to market and made available to American beer drinkers, the homebrewer will receive a one time royalty of $500.00."

More info at

Represent, Brothers!!

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