July 2019 Meeting Agenda

Rock Hoppers Brew Club Agenda

07/11/2019 6:45 PM – C.B. & Potts, Highlands Ranch

President’s Report – Geoff Humphrey for Mike Bostwick

Our Mission

RHBC is the premier Colorado homebrew club dedicated to pursuing and pushing the limits of creativity, art and science of brewing through continuing education, collaboration and the development of community. We always strive for brewing excellence and encourage the development of all brewers in our club in the pursuit of a most excellent brew. 

The Value of Being a Rock Hopper

  • Education
  • Resources
  • Networking
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Inspiration

Welcome New Members!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

  1. Your name and where you’re from
  2. How long have you been brewing?
  3. What do you like to brew?
  4. What would you like to learn?

Pay your dues, pay your tabs, BUY RHBC SWAG!

Support our local partners and beer-related businesses owned/operated/brewed by Rock Hoppers Alumni:

  • 105 West Brewing
  • Bruz Beers
  • C.B. & Potts
  • Castle Rock Homebrew Supply
  • Prost Brewing
  • Lone Tree Brewing
  • Rockyard
  • Know any more?

Sign up a Friend

Recruiting a new paid member will earn you a free entry into the 2020 Bière de Rock competition in January.

Deep Thoughts …

  • We’re a homebrew club – bring your homebrew to meetings for sharing and feedback. Share it at the end of the meeting so you can be attentive and respectful to those presenting
  • We love sharing commercial beers, and will look to schedule bottle share activities, but don’t bring to meetings

Rock Hopper Pro-Am Page

Recognize and celebrate your success!

Promote your beer tapping, GABF pouring day, etc.

AHA Registration/Renew Link

We received a $140 rebate from AHA this year for club insurance – thank you members.


Anyone have a brewing-related milestone from the last month or two they’d to share  (e.g., first all grain batch, totally kickin’ recipe creation)? Let’s talk about it.

Event Director’s Report – John Webber

Upcoming Hopper Events

  • July 12-14: Salida Brewers’ Rendezvous + Campout with Brew Bros of COS
  • August 17: Summer Bike Tour along the Mary Carter Greenway Trail
  • September 21: Mountain Trek Brewery Bus trip – Golden, Idaho Springs, Evergreen

Special Saturday Hopper Happy Hour

Keep up-to-date on all events on the website calendar.

Competition Director’s Report – Geoff Humphrey

Visit the competitions page for complete competition listings.

Fantasy Brewing Draft

Join us for the 2nd annual Fantasy Brewing Draft – August 18, 6:00 PM at the Brew Hut Classroom. Mark you calendars and clear the date with your boss ASAP.

Same rules as last year:

  • Draft a “team” of 7 ingredients from a limited list.
  • Brew a beer using only those 7 ingredients.
  • Compete to win a portion of the prize money pot.
  • $20 buy-in (1st place last year took home ~ $200).

Changes for this year:

  • 8th “Oh Sh*t” round.
  • Must be present at the draft to participate. No proxy drafting – too much headache for all involved.

Complete rules here.


A new spin on an old idea…

  • Members are invited to bring beers to the meeting to be formally evaluated by a member who is a BJCP certified judge.
    • Bring 2 bottles of each beer – please limit to 1 for the time being.
    • Limiting to beer styles for now. Mead and cider are forthcoming.
  • Your beer will be evaluated using a standard BJCP scoresheet.
  • Totally anonymous.
    • Judges will not know whose beer they are evaluating.
    • Beer is assigned a number by the system and the anonymously labeled bottle will be sent home with a judge.
  • Judges have committed to evaluating their assigned beers within 1-2 weeks of receiving them at a meeting.
  • Evaluation process is fully electronic.
    • Go to the bjcpme.rhbc.co website.
    • Register an account with your email.
    • Add an entry, making sure to define the style and provide any special ingredients, etc.
    • Print bottle labels for each entry (1 per bottle – we’re requiring 2 bottles).
    • Attach the bottle labels.
    • Bring your bottles to the meeting and give them to the Competition Director.
    • Judges use the same system to post their evaluation.
    • Once your entry’s evaluation is complete and posted, you’ll be notified via email.

Create an account and add your entries for next time at bjcpme.rhbc.co!

Upcoming Competitions

El Paso County Fair (Colorado Springs, CO)

  • Judging: 07/09/2019
  • No results posted yet.

Arapahoe County Fair Homebrew Competition (Aurora, CO)

  • Judging: 07/20/2019
  • Entry Fee: $7.00
  • Entry Deadline: 07/14/2019
  • Entry Limit: 300
  • Bottles Required: 2
  • All BJCP beer, cider, and mead styles

Colorado Startup Brews [Info | Registration ] (Denver, CO)

  • Judging: 09/07/2019
  • Entry Fee: $0.00 (for FREE!)
  • Entry Deadline: 09/03/2019
  • Bottles Required: 2
  • All BJCP beer styles

Intra-Club Competitions

Treasurer’s Report – Geoff Humphrey for Jim Morgheim

Thank you everyone who has paid your dues!

Education Director’s Report – Rob Kausch

  • Hop Infusions and Hop Extracts
  • Hop Oil Experiment with John Webber and Dax Rush

Tasting and Socializing

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